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A Fashion House Created With You In Mind

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This is for the woman, the strong and the weak
The high spirited and the broken, the rising and the fallen
This is for the diva, the homemaker, the trailblazer, and the ambitious business woman
The leader and the follower, the teacher and the student
This is for the single mother, the doting wife, the dependent, and independent woman
The dreamer and the one afraid to dream
The living and the one afraid to live
This is for the woman who has it all together and the one whose life is an absolute mess
The one conquering the world and the one still trying to find her voice.
This is for the woman whose beauty is embraced and the one whose beauty is rejected
The woman whose beauty is now said to have faded
This is for the woman once considered ugly and now considered a beauty queen
This is for the woman somewhere who lost her beauty crown and now struggling with self esteem
This is for the woman fighting age and beauty perceptions
The one in and out of the offices of plastic surgeons.
This is for the woman who couldn't care any less about any of these perceptions.
This is for you, the woman who loves or wants to love exactly who she is
The one aging gracefully, loving her reflection, and defining her place in the world as she defines it to be.
The Fashion Opera is inspired by the truth of you, seen and unseen.

Welcome to The Fashion Opera!

Inspired by the beauty and dramatics of the opera, The Fashion Opera is a Dallas based fashion house featuring the collections of designer Antonio Wingfield.

The Fashion Opera was founded on a great love of fashion and its power to uplift the spirit. Likewise, it was also founded on an in depth understanding of fashion's dynamic existence, its relationship to beauty, perception, image and their collective relation to social, economic and political structures. Nevertheless, fa
shion doesn't have to be restrictive or oppressive. Fashion can be liberating and inspirational. Whether it's a wedding gown needed for that special day or a special garment to make an unforgettable appearance, let The Fashion Opera adorn, celebrate and inspire you through the powerful expression of fashion.