She's a blossoming wonder, an extraordinarily beautiful young woman.
But not just because someone said it so.
The Rose had come to find that her beauty and existence never needed anyone's validation other than that of her own.
She's inevitable. She's a magical occurrence of mother nature, with petals blossoming at any given moment.
Without approval, without acknowledgement, without another's permission, The Rose will come to full bloom with petals of abundance: color full, beauty full, and shining bright in all her brilliance.
But there will come a time when The Rose will lose much of her youthful luster, her vibrant youth oriented color.
With her picture growing older, her reflection will at some point begin to dramatically change in an existence that much of the world will come to see as less than spectacular ... less than stellar.
"The Unfortunate" and former admirers of her external will conclude that her season is over... that The Rose is no longer beautiful or significant.
But this particular rose has an indestructible formula to her beauty and existence.
It's something rooted in the core of her journey ... at the core of humanity that transcends time, perception, gender, symbolism, and age: By design, The Rose knows that true beauty never fades.
A truly beautiful young woman will only morph into a beautiful woman of age. Perceptions may change, but The Rose will always remain a rose.

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