The Show

A visual diary into a mystical land with only one law.

One day, the world had gone deathly silent. As if exhausted with itself, millions found themselves unable to speak for 15 minutes. Followed by the sudden disappearance of thousands, the world grappled with the absence of friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members. Many theories emerged to explain the brief phenomenon, or perhaps, to comfort fears of the unknown.

A visual diary emerges proclaiming that a revolution had taken place. However, there were no marches or protests, no riots, demands or complaints. No leaders or heroes had emerged to save the day. It was a revolution where thousands had simply chosen to walk away. A migration to a new world had taken place.

Sent by an artist who finds himself shipwrecked upon its frigid shores, he describes a continent where being unique and different is celebrated and embraced. It is a land where freedom, justice and equality are merely commonplace.

Get swept away into a story of intrigue and mystery as an artist recounts his experiences through his visual diary of The 8th Continent where all things that were “meant to be” were allowed to become. Meet the people, experience the culture, and explore the art, fashion and the possibilities of what a world could be with this presentation of “fashion theatre” featuring the work of Antonio Wingfield.

Benefiting the Dallas Casa House who advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children.

The Experience
Spend a Saturday evening of shopping, food, beverage, fine art and fashion theatre surrounded by the luxurious beauty of Italian inspired architecture set alongside one of the metroplex's hidden gems, The Mandalay Canal,  in downtown Las Colinas.

September 23

4pm - 8pm

show starts at 5pm

Location: Avocado on The Mandalay Canal in downtown las colinas (irving)