About The Laughing Wolf

The wolf is full of perceptions. Whereas it is one of the most respected animals in the world, it is also one of the most feared with a reputation as a symbol of death and destruction due to fairytales, overzealous mythology, fiction and superstitions rooted in such fears. In some parts of the world, the wolf was almost eradicated due to those fears. However, what most who feared them did not understand was that wolves, in the eyes of many across the world, are considered very friendly, social, and intelligent animals, Throughout history, the wolf has come to represent companionship, the guardian, birth, the teacher animal and divine dog for many cultures. Others throughout history have described the wolf as a symbol of loyalty, the faithful, honesty, vigilance, the one willing to fight for injustice, and the great symbol of creation. Like the wolf, creative people have stirred the imaginations, emotions, and even fears of millions

The painter and sculptor

The photographer and designer

The make up artist and hair stylist

The poet, the spoken word artist

The dancer Musicians, singers and countless other expressions of performance artists

They are collectively the enhancers of our world, and at times, the record keepers and instigators. Throughout history, humans have turned to creative people to enhance and even document their world. Whether it is by way of décor to a palace and queen’s wardrobe to recording or even embellishing accounts of history by way of immortalized statues and fictional storytelling, creative people often playing a lead role in the creation of culture, political and social movements, change or resistance to a change and the documenting of history. In the positive, creative people have created works and expressions that evoke joy, peace, freedom, love, possibilities and truth. In the negative, creative people have been used to spread propaganda, hate, supremacy, prejudice, bigotry, lies and fear. . It is a relationship with the world that has stirred the spectrum of emotions as it relates to matters of the day.

Be it in the positive or negative, creative people have a tremendous amount of power. With an understanding of this power, The Laughing Wolf is a cooperative of creative people that seek to use the power of creativity in the positive with intent to enhance the world around it while supporting the livelihoods of its members.

Now casting talents for the next Laughing Wolf Arts Week Spring/Summer 2018. To be considered please send photos of your work and contact information to thefashionopera@live.com. In the subject field write: TLWAW 2018

"The authentic self never goes out of style."       - Antonio Wingfield