Step 1 - Consultation:
We will meet with you to discuss your ideas and needs including color and fabric preferences, silhouettes, the nature of your event, your vision and objectives, and all things we would need to keep in mind during process of designing and creating your garment.  

Step 2 - Presentation of design concept:
A story board of inspiration, fabric samples, and fashion sketches will be created and presented to you the vision of your garment.  presented to you reflecting the consultation.

Step 3 - Pattern creation:
A personalized pattern is created of the design.

Step 4 - Fitting of the sample:
You will be able to see a glimpse of how the garment will look and fit before the creation of the design in the fashion fabric. The Fashion Opera believes a garment should embrace you as if you were born to wear it. The fit is just as important as the design concept. The creation of a sample allows us to achieve a great fit before the creation of the garment in the fashion fabric. Fitting the sample allows for adjustments in the design and fit, and less handling of the fashion fabric during the construction process.

Step 5 - Fittings with fashion fabric:
This phase allows you to experience the garment before completion.

Step 6 - Final fitting

from concept to execution

The Process

"The authentic self never goes out of style."       - Antonio Wingfield